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Mother And Daughter
After my first daughter Nicole was born in 1985, my life completely changed. Prior to her 6-week early arrival, I was intent on continuing my super type-A lifestyle of running a corporation and three subsidiaries as well. Like many other new mothers, I fell in love with my new baby. No longer would I consider an au pair or nanny, and day care was completely out of the question. I needed to work, so I carted my baby to the office each morning. It didn't take long for me to realize that this plan wasn't going to work for long.

I talked to friends to get the scoop on the best child care programs in town and spent lunch hours touring facilities and checking out my options. Like most moms, I felt that my daughter was the brightest and deserved the best program; I wasn't about to drop her off with someone who would put her in front of a television set or leave her in an unstimulating environment. As an educator, I knew that her first four years were critical for her academic and educational preparation for school.

Kids Playing
Instead of enrolling Nicole in another child care program, I decided to set up a program right in our own home so I could orchestrate her preschool education. First, I researched early education and preschool curricula.
Children Playing
Then I developed the Merit Preschool Program that offered reading, writing, math, science, foreign language, history, art, gymnastics, music, and much more, all in an interactive and game-oriented format. By creating a program that Nicole would love, I knew I would be able to enjoy my career without worries about her well being.

How did the program work? Nicole, and later, Jaclyn too, thrived in our Merit Preschool Program. They both learned to read by the time they were three years old, and they continued to be top of their classes all the way through high school. Nicole went to Stanford University and is currently a first year student at Stanford Medical School. Jaclyn is a sophomore at Claremont McKenna College and is an Environment, Economics and Politics major.

The best part about setting up my own child care program was that I was in complete control over what they did, who they played with, what they ate, and who taught them.
Making Ceramics
When I set up my office back at my home, I had the best of both worlds: (1) I could continue my consultation business and writing books, and (2) I could be there to see my daughters enjoy the multitude of fun activities that were in store for them each day.

What I didn't realize at the time was that by inviting a few other children to join them each day, this entire preschool program would be free to me. Their tuition covered my expenses for the teacher, materials, outings, and more. Who would ever believe that my girls could have the ideal preschool, right in the comfort of their home, and that it wouldn't cost me a penny!

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Besides getting a custom-designed preschool program for my daughters, I also received unbelievable benefits that made my job as a "super mom" manageable. I scheduled the teacher to work two to three hours more per day to help prepare meals, take care of laundry, do light housekeeping, and run errands. That way, when I was done with work at the end of the day, dinner was on the table, and I had the privilege of relaxing with my husband and girls for the evening. The most amazing part of my story is that all of these benefits were included in the tuition I charged so everything was free to me!

My friends used to think we were independently wealthy because our children were flourishing in our in-home preschool program and we had the extra help from our teacher. When I shared our secret with friends and family, everyone set up their own programs in their homes. With the current economic crisis in America, parents really can't afford to pay half their wages for child care. I wrote The Working Mother's Guide to FREE Child Care in Your Home! to help families start their own programs. For those who need support in setting up the program, Merit offers Child Care Online support from developing the ideal curriculum to selecting the perfect teacher to recruiting the best children.