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If you're like most parents of young children, your discussions probably center around problems with your child's day care providers or the exorbitant fees you pay each month. Whether you're looking for an academic program that will give your child a head start in kindergarten or a nurturing environment that your child will thrive in, it's almost impossible to find a program that is near your home, has reputable caretakers, and offers the stimulating activities you want for your child.

Today, parents are taking an active role in setting up childcare for their own children. Some parents are setting up in-home childcare for their children so they can determine the types of programs and select their teachers. While this may sound like an ideal program that only the very wealthy can afford, this program can be free of cost to the hosting family. The book The Working Mother's Guide to Free Child Care in Your Home! walks you through all of the steps to setting up your own program and provides all of the necessary forms to make it easy to do.

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If you have an extra room like a rec room or a den, turn it into a daycare room for your program. By furnishing the room with a large table, several child-sized chairs, bookshelves, and a storage cabinet, you have the facility needed for your program. To design your curriculum, visit day care programs to determine what types of activities you would like to include in your program. Merit Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare your children for success in the classroom. Layout a schedule that provides the children with a healthy balance of arts, music, academics, games, physical education, and socialization. Then, run a test run to see how your children respond.

Hiring the teacher, like any employee, requires good judgment. First, check to see if you can hire babysitters or other people you already know. Next, place an ad in your local newspaper or post fliers at the library or community centers. Always check criminal background, fingerprints, and references. Ask prospective teachers to run the program with you one day so you can evaluate how they interact with your children and how your children react to them. Set up a two-week trial period to give the teacher the opportunity to become comfortable with the program and you the chance to see if the teacher meets your expectations. If you need support setting up your program, Merit's advisors are available online, by phone (831)462-5655, and on site.

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After your program is up and running, then put the word out that you're opening up your program to a few students who will pay tuition to participate. You may need to place an ad in your local newspaper or on the childcare switchboard to recruit students. Once your program is established, it will be easier to keep your program filled with the number of students you need to break even or make a profit.

By providing the program, facility, materials, and teacher for all of the children, you receive free childcare. The beauty of this program is that you have complete control over all aspects of your child's activities while you're away at work. By writing a detailed job description for your teacher, you can also request that she prepare meals, do laundry, and perform light housekeeping while children nap or between programs.